The Moment of Everything Extras

Someone told me once that all art is biographical. It’s not literally true, but it is in the sense that experiences feed our creativity. Here are some extras about the things in my life that found their way into The Moment of Everything.

Why Maggie Wanted to Be a Librarian

Up until the year 2000, like most people, I never really gave much thought to what a librarian actually does. Back then I was an information architect for a small start-up company in Silicon Valley. I attended a conference on information architecture in Boston that year that I learned how much I didn’t know about librarians.

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Interview: What I Love About Old Books

This is an interview I did with the wonderful Jennifer Smeth on her blog Bookalicious Mama. Unfortunately, Jennifer no longer runs the blog, but this is one of my favorite interviews so I’m sharing it here.

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Finding your tribe in the Society for Creative Anachronism

A lot of The Moment of Everything is about finding that place and group of people where you can be you. I have several friends who are active in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). I think this group is the perfect example of telling the world, “We don’t give a flying frog’s arse what you think of us. We’re having fun.”

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The book club of my dreams (and nightmares)

I started my first book club in 1991. I had a group of book nerd friends, and I'd heard about this new thing called a book club where we read the same book and got together to talk about it. Inside me, a mile long "Squeeeee!" unleashed itself. OK, I was a lot younger...

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